Bathroom Remodeling Testimonials

Renovation and Remodel - Testimonials

He did my bathroom remodel last year. He was wonderful. Very attentive and his crew has been with him for a long time. Very reasonably priced and the work was done in a timely manner. Jan H

We used Bathrooms Plus with our master bath redo (2/2018). Tom was awesome with assisting in the contemporary design we wanted and Virgil is amazing all around! – Lynn Reed

Loved the guys so helpful and so amazing Taylor is especially polite! – Google Review

“Enjoyed working with you. Best contractor we’ve ever had. If you ever need a reference…would be pleased to provide a 5-star recommendation!” – James Nazzaro

“The labors worked as a “team”. I would “highly” recommend this company 100% over all/any other company in my area. Not only are they labors concerned about “customer satisfaction”, the owner of the company also is. Results: quality products, quality work, equals “happy customers”.” – Mrs. Runion

“Everyone loves the new shower! It’s so quiet, we can barely hear it upstairs in our bathroom. (Perhaps this is because your company did it RIGHT – unlike the builders!)”

“I could not have asked for a better team of installers than Red, Josh, and Eric. They are affable, courteous, and engaging. They could work for me any time. I was most impressed with their talent and knowledge of and the skill that they brought to the job. They knew exactly what they were doing and executed the job with care and precision. They took great pride in their work, down to making sure that the job and the job site were neat and tidy when they left.” – Gerald Mackey

“Please accept our gratitude for redeeming our trust in local business owners. How we wish that all Mount Pleasant businessmen responded to troubled customers as you do.”

“Because it had been three years since our remodel, we were worried when we recently discovered signs of possible water damage to the bathroom floor. When we called your office on a Friday afternoon, you were here within half an hour to inspect the bathroom. When you couldn’t trace the water source after a thorough visual inspection, you nonetheless reassured us that you would order materials and schedule a full inspection and repair.”

“As it turned out, there was indeed superficial water seepage, and the source remains a mystery to this day; it could have been caused by children splashing, a spot of caulk that never truly sealed, or our choice of shower curtains. Yet you stood behind your business and ordered a total repair, and at no expense to our family.”

“Thank you so much for one of our few experiences with truth in advertising. You obviously stand foursquare behind your business and your word as a Mount Pleasant business owner.”

“Please feel free to encourage new clients to contact us, should they need any reassurance about your company’s dependability and standing in the community.” – Mr. and Mrs. Raymond S. Butka

“Dear Scott:

Thank you for the superb job your crew and you did replacing my husband’s 1960’s bathroom Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, August 25, 26, and 27 2008.

Y’all removed the big bathtub, sink, vanity, and commode on Monday with almost no impact on our daily routine. You installed the new shower and enclosure on Tuesday, along with the new commode and sink, and finished up with the new walls and floor on Wednesday.

A magical, perfect transformation! Your workmen were all top notch and cleaned up after themselves everyday expertly.

We now have a magazine-like new, more useful space for my handicapped husband at a surprisingly low price for the work with no mess or fuss.” – B. White

“I can’t begin to tell you how impressed my husband and I am! Your crew – OUTSTANDING!!! Very polite and professional – WOW! Don’t ever loose that crew, they are exceptional! The bathtub is BEAUTIFUL! Exceptional work and beauty. Am so glad we chose you. Thank you, Scott! You as well were very professional and extremely accurate with your installment contract and very understanding to our needs. You all get an A++ and an extremely high recommendation from us!! Thank you again!” – C Plum


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